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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering discipline which has been in application since time immemorial. It mainly deals with designing, planning, construction and maintenance of infrastructure

The Civil Engineering branch was started in John Cox CSI Institute of Technology in 2014 and the department has made remarkable progress since then. The Department of Civil Engineering is a vibrant place for learning, where students pursue their educational interests in order to lead the next generation to better prospects.

The students develop high quality technical expertise with a sound knowledge in basic Engineering Principles, Technical Skills and innovative research capabilities. The students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and well equipped laboratories. The Civil Engineering Department moulds, organizes and structures the students to be competent Civil Engineering Professionals and to be the architects of a better world. To excel in Civil Engineering means to have proper reasoning skill, good knowledge of geometry, good creativity and above all good imagination.

Faculty Members


Assistant Professor & HOD

Mrs.Nitya V Arnold

Assistant Professor

Mr.Jyothish Kiran A S

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Anju Rajendran

Assistant Professor

Ms.Renjana S. Nair
Assistant Professor

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Ms.Cera Shalom
Assistant Professor

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Mrs.Arathy Krishnan

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

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Ms.Sangeetha John C S
Assistant Professor

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Technical Staff Members



Civil Engineering Laboratories

Civil department is rich with well equipped laboratories .
The department has the following Laboratories:
1. The Strength of Materials Lab
2. Concrete Lab
3. Survey Lab
4. Environmental Engineering Lab
5. Transportation Engineering Lab

ASSOCIATION OF Civil Engineering