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Advisory System

The college has an efficient advisory system. One faculty member is assigned to a group of 20 students as staff advisor and is responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance for students. Advisors are also responsible for providing and encouraging supporting relations between students and between staff and students. All students requirements are routed through the advisor to higher authorities. The advisors manage all the records related to academic and co-curricular activities of the students and the parents can get details about their ward.

Department Semester Name of advisor Contact number
Computer Science S8 CSE Mrs.Bindhya B.S 7012545455
Mrs.Nisha A.M 8075256079
S6 CSE Mrs.Jisha C.S 9400660211
Mrs Renjini Rani 7356954454
S4 CSE Mrs.Jency W. G 7994922898
Ms. Asha Simon 9072772423
S2 CSE Mrs. Saniya John 8606719808
Ms. Beena Thampy 6282813380
Civil Engineering S8 CE Mr.Jyothish Kiran 8281507322
Ms. Sangeetha John C S 9446225994
S6 CE Mrs.Arathi Krishnan 9496139818
Mrs. Nitya V.Arnold 9497417738
S3 CE Mrs.Cera Shalom 9656396564
Mrs. Aswathy M 9976646622
S2 CE Mrs. Amritha Varsha 9400896906
Ms. Nithya Susan Joseph 9539111566
Mechanical Engineering S8 ME Mr.Akhil W V 8593950531
S6 ME Mr. Vaisakh P.R 8129723977
S4 ME Mr.Sachu S Soman 8848692713
S2 ME Mr. Avinash 7907701692
Electronics and Communication S8 ECE Mrs.Anoja C M 9074026133
  S6 ECE Mrs. Tintu S S 9562556431
  S4 ECE Mrs. Tini S Russel 9497266197
Mrs.Arathy Raj 9447728585
S2 ECE Mrs. Seena M K 9496747028
Electrical & Electronics S8 EEE Mrs.Anu R John 9074286564
S6 EEE Mrs.Anjana S.P 9400863060
S4 EEE Mrs.Athulya Justin 8547453576
S2 EEE Mrs. Reeba Ben P 9756455498