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Students Council

The Students Council acts as a platform to bridge the gap between the staff and student community. It is a representative body of the students. Members are elected from the class representatives. The main objective of the Council is to encourage students to participate in arts, sports, cultural and other recreational activities.

Students Council 2022-23

Patron : Prof. Dr. D.P.Balachandran
Staff Advisor : Dr. Liji RF(Asso. Prof)
Staff Treasurer : Mr. Akhil W V(Asst. Prof, ME)
Chairman : Bibin ML, S8 CE
Vice Chairperson : Vaishnavi S, S8 CSE
General Secretary : Abin V, S8 ME
Magazine Editor : Ullas G Revi, S6 EEE
Arts Club Secretary : Ajin C Abraham, S8 EEE
University Union Councilor : Abimel S B , S6 CSE
Women Representative : Lekshmi S B, S6 ME
Women Representative : Manjari S K, S8 CE
Sports Secretary : Arjun M S , S6 ME
CE Representative : Aiswarya L,S4 CE
ME Representative : AnandhuU, S4 ME
EEE Representative : Vaishnavi s k, S4 EEE
CSE Representative : Aimee Gale Benziar, S6 CSE
ECE Representative : Abhishek R S , S8 ECE